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About Us

  • Have you ever been out for a quiet night and had too much too drink?
  • Have you and your partner just wanted to go out for dinner and enjoy a few drinks together but decided that one of you would have to drive home?
  • Have you got small children and want to go to a friends house for dinner or a party including drinks and thought how would you get home?
  • Have you ever just wanted your car home so you could continue your night out?
  • Have you ever woke up and wished someone would grab your car?

Well FEIKE is here to help in all of these instances, and we can get you, your car and your family home safely everytime.

Download the app, fill in your details and wait for the rider.

Just make sure your boot is empty!

Service Areas

We can pick you up from anywhere in the red area and drop off anywhere in the blue area.

Outside Service area? If service not available in your area, don’t worry (It is still possible to get your car home) let us know anyway, Feike is a growing business and we are gathering information to see if it is viable to service your area. Any customer outside working area will need to send a request through to the website comment section, and will be subject to availability and distance past working area. Early notice is always good.


How much do your service cost? $4 Booking Fee, $6.30km for the first 6km and then $4 every km after that. $20 minimum. 25% after 10pm. Or to make things easier just download the FEIKE App simply put your location and destination in and receive a FREE quote before you book, because with discount codes etc the App will work it all out for you before you book.

What about insurance? All our FEIKE rider’s have PPL Insurance, if however your car is NOT insured for other people to drive your vehicle then we can’t drive your car, sorry.

What if we can’t fit the bike in? FEIKE riders are trained in the game Tetris, we can make anything fit!! We love the challenge.

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